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Sober Companion Recovery Services

Sober Companion Recovery Services

A sober companion provides physical and emotional support to people recovering from addiction. You can think of them as an accountability partner that ensures you stay true to your sobriety vows after leaving the rehabilitation home. Usually, sober companions are people who were once addicted but have been able to break free. So, they understand what you're going through and can give you the necessary support. 

At Quantum Recovery Services, we have a team of dedicated Sober Companions who are available to provide you or your loved one with 24/7 in-home support on a long- or short-term basis. Here are some of the benefits of engaging our services.

Benefits of Contracting Our Sober Companion Services

Anyone who has completed an addiction treatment program and has made the jump from a substance-riddled existence to a clean lifestyle will tell you one unassailable fact. Recovering from addiction is way more challenging than receiving treatment for it. Why? Because while receiving treatment, the medical practitioners do most of the work. After rehab, you get to do most of the work yourself; and most folks relapse. Thankfully folks in Austin, TX, do not have to worry about this. As far as getting a Sober Companion in Austin, TX, we are the best at Sober Companion and alternative treatment. Here are some of the benefits that our Sober Companions offer:

v They insist on you making the right life choices after rehab

v They offer loads of support, motivation, and strength

v They are always available when you need them.

v They are professionals who are trained to listen to you without judging you

v They offer motivation when you are feeling low or tempted

v They mentor you and help reinforce all that you learned at rehab

v They boost your self-esteem when it is lacking

v They offer key social support, eliminating boredom and loneliness, two of the top reasons for relapses.

How to Get the Best Out Of Your Sober Companion 

The key to getting a recovery coach in Austin, TX, that works for you is to understand your peculiar emotional, mental, social, and psychological needs. You then match those against the type of sober escort services in Austin that are available to you. We offer Live-In Sober Companion services, On-call Sober Companion services, and Escort based Sober Companion services.

Each of these Sober Companion services has varying duties and responsibilities. To get the best out of them, you will need to choose the type of service that best suits your needs. If you are the type of person who needs constant company to help you get along your recovery path, a live-in Sober Companion might be your best bet. An on-call Sober Companion might work for you if you are the type who values their personal space and is okay with calls and the occasional visit. The key is to understand your needs and what works for you. 

Do you need a sober escort or any other related recovery service? Call Quantum Recovery Services on 512-829-6092. And you don't have to worry too much about payment. Simply follow this link to verify your insurance. 



Sober Companion Recovery Services