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Residential Addiction Treatment West Hollywood

West Hollywood Addiction Treatment Center offers personalized residential addiction treatment in West Hollywood in a supportive, serene, and controlled environment. Our facility operates based on the industry's highest quality standards, offering luxurious amenities, leading rehab services, and a family-like environment for a smooth recovery.

What are the differences between residential treatment and outpatient treatment?

The difference is that the former offers 24/7 supervision in a controlled environment, while the latter ranks as a day treatment with patients returning home after each treatment session. The residential treatment at our West Hollywood drug rehab center is essential for patients dealing with advanced addiction conditions who require continuous assistance and supervision. The outpatient program is generally a good option for individuals with mild addictions who don't require intensive care to manage their withdrawal.

How long will the residential treatment last?

The treatment's duration usually varies from one case to the next. We recommend a minimum of four weeks of treatment, but the program may go for as long as 90 days. That's because each situation is different, with people recovering at varying rates and responding differently to the treatment.

Is the residential treatment expensive?

The residential treatment is generally more expensive than outpatient programs for several reasons. Here, we include the amenities available, housing costs, varying accommodations, a plus for luxury and holistic services, etc. If you're looking for reliable residential drug rehabs and nearby alcohol rehabs, contact our rehab experts to get a better insight into the costs.

Do I need to detox before residential treatment?

Yes, you do. All our patients complete the detoxification process before joining our West Hollywood drug and alcohol rehab, as this is the standards procedure for individuals dealing with severe withdrawal. The detoxification process will stabilize your nervous system, cleanse your body of toxins, and prepare you for inpatient treatment in a supportive and nurturing environment.

What happens after the residential program?

All our patients have the option to continue their recovery journey with outpatient services via our partner facilities. While we don't offer outpatient care at our drug rehabilitation center in West Hollywood, we can recommend you to profile-specific facilities after completing our program. The outpatient treatment allows you to recover at home without spending your nights at the rehabilitation center.

How to join the residential treatment?

The intake process is simple and consists of several steps. First, you need to call our rehab specialists and discuss your situation over the phone. You will then make an appointment for an in-depth clinical evaluation on-site, during which our professionals will gather information about your medical status and addiction symptoms. Once everything checks, you will begin the detox treatment shortly; completing it will make you eligible for our residential addiction treatment in West Hollywood.

If you still have questions about our rehab services and residential treatment options, we recommend contacting our professionals today. You can call West Hollywood Addiction Treatment Center at 855-969-9234 to discuss your insurance and get a free consultation today.

Residential Addiction Treatment West Hollywood
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Residential Addiction Treatment West Hollywood
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