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Finding quality addiction treatment can be time-consuming and challenging, especially if it’s your first time needing help for an addiction. Better Addiction Care can help you navigate the process and offer professional recommendations on how to choose the right type of program for lasting recovery from addiction. Make a free phone call to one of our recovery experts at 800-429-7690, day or night, or learn more about programs offered by rehabs in Seattle by browsing our free services online.

4 Best Addiction Rehabs in Seattle, WA

1. One of the top rehab centers in Seattle Wa is known as Expertise. If you’re dealing with an addiction to drugs or alcohol, Expertise is an excellent choice for your recovery plan. Let our skilled staff at Better Addiction Care assess your recovery needs and see whether Expertise can help you achieve your goals of lasting freedom from addiction. It’s free to call and free to use all of the resources on our website. Agents are available round the clock to answer your questions.

2. Add BAART Bremerton to your list of addiction treatment centers near me you want more information about when contacting Better Addiction Care. BAART Bremerton has earned a distinction as one of the best rehabs in Seattle for mental health issues that lead to relapse. If you’re dealing with anxiety, depression, or PTSD at the same time as an addiction to drugs or alcohol, you may need dual diagnosis treatment or Seattle addiction and mental health treatment.

3. Northpoint the Evergreen Northgate meets the needs of patients seeking Seattle rehab centers for alcohol recovery services. Since the staff at Northpoint the Evergreen Northgate focuses solely on alcoholism treatment, they’re able to provide a high level of care to their patients. Check with Better Addiction Care before choosing a rehab- we want to match you with the right type of treatment to avoid wasted time in recovery.

4. Addictions don’t always center around drugs or alcohol- sometimes, an addiction stems from spending too much time with digital devices. If you’ve gotten overly involved in a digital distraction, reSTART can help you get back on track to enjoying more healthy hobbies and spending more time with the people you care about.

If you’re checking our rehabs in Seattle, we want you to get the quality treatment you deserve; at Better Addiction Care, we are focused on long-term freedom from addiction. Your journey begins when you call our helpline at 800-429-7690, but it doesn’t end there. Confide in our recovery team and let us help you choose a program that fits your schedule.

Residential and outpatient treatment options are available throughout Seattle; finding the right level of involvement takes just a few minutes when you get in touch with us. An addiction isn’t the end of your life; with the right treatment, your future could be bright, indeed. Take the time to review our free online resources, learn about how addiction is impacting you and your loved ones, and get help now while there’s still time. Verify your insurance while you're on the phone with us to find out if you're eligible for free or reduced cost addiction treatment.