Rehab Centers That Accept Blue Cross Blue Shield

Are you searching the internet for  rehab centers that accept Blue Cross Blue Shield? At, we help our clients verify their insurance and help them find a detox or an inpatient drug rehab that fits their treatment needs and goals.

How do I choose between inpatient and outpatient rehab treatment?

The form of treatment you need depends on a variety of factors such as the severity of your addiction, your affordability, substance abused, presence of co-occurring mental illnesses, etc. Inpatient treatment is for individuals who suffer from a severe level of addiction to drugs or alcohol. It helps patients attain comprehensive recovery from addiction and co-occurring mental disorders. This type of treatment requires patients to stay in a residential facility for a period of 30-, 60-, or 90- days, during which individuals undergo a series of counseling sessions, psychotherapies, group therapies, and 12-step programs.

On the other hand, outpatient rehab is for those battling with mild to moderate levels of addiction. Recovering addicts attend treatment or 1-2 hours a day, 5-6 days a week. Outpatient therapy is relatively cheaper than inpatient rehab, as it does not include the cost of accommodation. We offer free advisory service to our clients and assess them to determine the type of addiction treatment they require.

BlueCross BlueShield Insurance for Addiction Treatment

BlueCross BlueShield companies are the country's largest health insurance provider, and most of its policies offer coverage for addiction treatment. Their policy benefits can differ from one state to another and the type of plan you choose. In general, BlueCross BlueShield covers the cost of outpatient treatment, residential treatment/detox, partial hospitalization, and acute inpatient hospitalization.

If you own an HMO plan, you can seek addiction treatment only from HMO-contracted facilities to be eligible for coverage. If you own a PPO plan, you will have the option to choose from a large number of rehabs/addiction treatment providers, but you may incur more out of pocket expenses. We specialize in helping our clients find rehab centers that accept blue cross blue shield insurance.

BlueCross BlueShield Coverage for Inpatient Treatment

BlueCross BlueShield policy coverage can vary depending upon where you live and the type of rehab/treatment facility you choose. A rough estimate on inpatient rehab coverage under the common types of BlueCross BlueShield plans are as follows:

  • Bronze plans - Policyholder enjoy the lowest deductible for in-network service providers but do not enjoy coverage for treatment from out-of-network treatment facilities.
  • Silver plans - Policyholders have to bear a coinsurance percentage along with the plan's deductible for in-network rehabs. This plan does not offer coverage for addiction treatment from out-of-network hospitals/rehabs.
  • Gold plans - Requires a coinsurance percentage less than the silver plans along with the deductible, and does not cover out-of-network service providers.
  • Platinum plans - Offers coverage for out-of-network rehabs in some cases. However, in addition to the deductible, this policy can involve a higher coinsurance percentage.

Your search for rehab centers that accept blue cross blue shield ends here. Call us at (888) 368-3288 or visit for more details. We assess each of our clients' needs individually and help them find the best inpatient drug rehab for their addiction circumstance.

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