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At Bridges of Hope, we offer an excellent and progressive rehab center in Indianapolis for people suffering from drug or alcohol addiction. Now, we have the perfect solution for you or your family members – an efficient and comfortable treatment that slowly gives you control over yourself again. We’ll disperse the withdrawal effects, and put addiction to sleep indefinitely.

What do rehabilitation centers do?

Rehabilitation is the process by which a person regains psychological and physical stability from an episode of addiction. Whether it’s drug or alcohol addiction, rehabilitation stays the same. We make it possible for hopeless people to start seeing the world in another light, to be an optimist about their chances to be addiction-free. Through medication and holistic procedures, we have helped countless people.

Our core philosophy is to provide an extensive and all-encompassing treatment program that touches upon all aspects of addiction. We treat psychological scarring just as we stabilize physical debilitations that result from withdrawal symptoms. Furthermore, our dual diagnosis treatment aims to help people with severe addiction problems. The psychological issues are generally tough to keep under control, but we succeed in doing that through our revolutionary treatment.

The goal of rehabilitation

The main objective of rehabilitation is to help you forget about addiction and cleanse your body of the active ingredients that empower addiction. Your body needs to be free of alcohol or drugs so that it learns to function without them. Secondly, we take care of the psychological obsession with drugs or alcohol. With prolonged substance use, your brain releases unique chemicals that get you hooked.

To treat substance abuse, we need to deal with both issues simultaneously. Otherwise, you’ll simply relapse in the future, and we’d need to start over again. With our comprehensive and integrated treatment, we treat both body and mind for an encompassing and permanent result.

How to stop addiction

You can’t cure yourself of addiction permanently because it is a chronic disease, and there is always a risk of relapsing in the future. What you can do, however, is minimize that risk as much as you can. At our rehab center in Indianapolis, we help you achieve perfect social functionality and incredible psychological stability.

Withdrawal will no longer plague you as it did in the past. With our Equine Therapy programs, your mind will steadily fall into place, and you will revitalize yourself. Most of the times, with addiction, the mind is the most important piece of the puzzle, and it requires utmost attention.

How long does rehab take?

Within our rehab center in Indianapolis, rehab can take from a few weeks to a few months, if your addiction is severe. However, as a rule, we take the time to know our patients better, and to weave the treatment around their particular condition and needs. We would rather spend more time treating them than hurry and risk future relapsing.

The Bridges of Hope bring you unmatched professionalism and quality medical care in the hands of expert specialists. Drug and alcohol addiction can’t light a candle to our extensive treatment programs.

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