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Pregnant Substance Abuse Treatment

Are you a pregnant woman suffering from substance abuse? Contact The Ho Tai Way for a comprehensive pregnant substance abuse treatment. It is an individualized recovery program that will help you with issues that led to your addiction. Our treatment center is in Costa Mesa, CA, with a beautiful view of the saddleback mountains and the Pacific Ocean, which will be ideal for rejuvenating your body and spirit.

Substance abuse during pregnancy

Commonly abused drugs among pregnant women include alcohol, nicotine, marijuana, cocaine, heroin, meth, and other club drugs, as well as prescription drugs. Most of these women are already suffering from substance abuse before becoming pregnant. Women during their reproductive years, from 18 to 44 years old are at risk of developing substance abuse.

With the additional psychological stress caused by pregnancy, the woman usually continues substance abuse despite being pregnant. However, some pregnant women take substances, specifically drugs to alleviate the symptoms of pregnancy. A percentage of these pregnant women are not aware of the pregnancy or the effects of taking drugs on their baby.

What are the adverse effects of substance abuse during pregnancy?

There is an association between substance abuse during pregnancy and negative birth outcomes. It increases the risk of miscarriage, stillbirth, and infant death. The infant may also be born with poor nutritional outcomes such as low birth weight, reduced gestational age, small-for-gestational-age, as well as growth delays. Long-term effects on the infant may include cognitive and behavioral problems.

Alcohol use during pregnancy may also cause fetal alcohol syndrome, which may lead to brain damage and other non-reversible outcomes. It may cause deformities in the joints limbs and fingers, as well as heart defects and kidney problems. The infant may

also suffer from intellectual disability, hyperactivity, and rapidly changing moods.  

How do we treat substance abuse during pregnancy?

Pregnant substance abuse treatment programs are specifically designed to address the issues and needs of pregnant women. The first step is the detoxification process, which will clear the body of all the drugs and alcohol. Patients may suffer from withdrawal symptoms during the detoxification process. This may include depression, restlessness, nausea, tremors, flu-like symptoms, anxiety, and fatigue. A team of professionals will be helping the patients manage the symptoms while taking additional care for the pregnancy.

After the detoxification, the next step of healing is making the patient return to their life before addiction. The residential treatment process contains a comprehensive educational curriculum that aims to restore your family life, work-life, and self-esteem. It will help you rebuild relationships and return to being part of your community.

The patients will also have therapies for their full recovery, depending on the needs of the patients. This includes individual and group addiction counseling programs. A neurofeedback therapy will address mental health conditions of the patient that came with addiction issues.

Learn more about the pregnant substance abuse treatment program of The Ho Tai Way School of Recovery. Contact us at 714-581-3974. Let us help you begin your way to recovery.

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