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Addiction to oxycodone can destroy your life and negatively impact the lives of those around you. If you’re battling an addiction to oxycodone, you have many options available to you- a beautiful new future awaits you when you take the first step toward recovery at Harbor Village Florida. With effective medicine, treatment, and pro-active programs, you can beat addiction and reclaim your life when you enter our treatment facility. It only takes one phone call to get connected with our resources.

Read the Facts About Oxycodone Addiction:

1. Without professional intervention and treatment, chances are very small that you will be able to beat addiction. Fortunately, there’s a detox in Miami that offers medication-assisted treatment to ease withdrawals so that you can successfully complete the program.

2. Oxycodone is highly addictive, so after just one or two experiences with the drug, your body is already beginning to form an addiction that will be extremely difficult to break. Changes in the brain take place the very first time you take oxycodone; even if you’re just using it to treat pain, there is a high risk that you’ll want to keep taking the drug.

3. An accidental overdose of oxycodone can lead to brain damage or death; in fact, the lethal dosage is very low. One of the most compelling reasons to seek help for an oxycodone addiction is that it is a huge risk to your health and life- don’t take chances. Support is just a phone call away when you reach out to Harbor Village Florida.

4. Over time, oxycodone users develop a tolerance to the drug and need larger and larger quantities to feel the same effects. What once started as an affordable recreational prescription drug pastime quickly becomes an expensive habit that is nearly impossible to break without professional help.

Why Get Help For an Addiction to Drugs?

Your life matters; you’ve been given the gift of life for a specific purpose, and it’s not too late to get your life back on track to realize your goals. Your life matters to people around you, as well- friends, family, and our staff at Harbor Village Florida. If you’re willing to pick up the phone and call us, you’ll find a support system like you’ve never experienced- caring staff members who will help you get through detox and treatment.

What Happens If Addiction is Left Untreated?

The average life expectancy of an oxycodone addict is just over thirty-three years. In time, oxycodone abuse may turn into an addiction to hydrocodone, a drug that is even more dangerous than oxycodone- it’s not worth the risk. Get help for addiction right now by calling our hotline. We can arrange transportation and help with all of the arrangements so that you can begin the process of recovery.

We invite you to take a virtual tour of our beautiful residential treatment center and then call our drug addiction treatment specialist who can help you take the next step in treatment.

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