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Los Angeles Outpatient exclusively provides outpatient treatment in Los Angeles for men and women battling alcohol and drug addiction. Our outpatient drug and alcohol rehab facility provides the most comprehensive addiction treatment in California. Call today for an assessment and treatment plan.

Should I Get Outpatient Treatment in Los Angeles?

People who are trying to overcome their addictions to drugs and alcohol are often best suited by residential inpatient treatment. Residential inpatient does a wonderful job of separating substance abusers from the active environments that are either causing them to abuse or enabling them to abuse. Without separating ourselves from the environments that contribute to our continued substance abuse problems, we're likely not going to stay sober for long!

Outpatient rehab treatment is ideal for individuals who attend and complete residential inpatient treatment. It's easy for anyone to get clean in rehab, but the challenge comes when they graduate rehab and go back to their home environment. If a person does not clear out the people, places, and things that enable or cause them to abuse substances, then they will likely relapse very quickly upon going home.

An Illustration to Help You Understand the Role of Outpatient Treatment in Los Angeles

The advantage that outpatient treatment provides for graduates of residential inpatient programs is that of continued support, care, and structure. To illustrate the need and the role of outpatient treatment more clearly, consider this illustration. A person goes to prison and becomes acclimated to prison life. Then, they are released back into society without any protections or support network in place. That prisoner is statistically almost guaranteed to offend again.

Now, let's apply this example to a person in drug or alcohol rehab. If the prisoner would have come home to house arrest or work release first, he or she may have had a chance to slowly get used to being free again but being free responsibly! Offenders who have work release or house arrest are much less likely to offend again. The same applies to addicts. Outpatient is to an addicted person what work release and house arrest are to a prisoner.

Can I Go to Outpatient Without Inpatient?

There are some instances where individuals cannot take time out of their lives to get the help they need from a residential inpatient treatment center. In cases like these, we have outpatient treatment for them. For individuals with severe substance abuse issues, we will recommend partial hospitalization or intensive outpatient treatment (IOP). IOP is a very intense form of outpatient treatment, as the name suggests, and it's for people who need to be separated from their home environment as much as possible.

During your outpatient treatment at Los Angeles Outpatient, we will provide you with all of the tools, resources, and education that you need to get clean and stay clean, but you've got to want your sobriety more than anything else in the world.


Outpatient Treatment Los Angeles
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Outpatient Treatment Los Angeles
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