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Alcohol rehab and drug detox centers provide incredibly focused forms of treatments, and so, it makes sense to prohibit several items from being brought into the facilities. However, since the victims and their loved ones are usually in a high state of distress when organizing for drug or alcohol detoxification treatment, they may bring some items that are strictly prohibited in the facilities. If this happens, the patient could be banned from that center and so, knowing what things are not allowed is crucial before being admitted to a drug or alcohol rehabilitation program.

If you might be considering an Inpatient Rehab Facility like ours, some things will be prohibited. While this isn’t a comprehensive list of all things that are not allowed at our facilities here are a few things that will be banned, always call to make sure of anything you might be considering on bringing before being admitted to the facility.

Hate Materials

Anything that expresses hate messages is not allowed in a drug rehabilitation center. This includes clothing, pictures posters, expression of gang signs, drawings and other materials with hateful ideation. Other banned items in this category are things that are deemed to be sexist, racist or otherwise offensive. Such elements create an environment of isolation and fear and end up being counter-productive to the success of a detoxification program.


Guns, brass knuckles, knives, batons, baseball bats, stun guns, mace and other objects that are clearly designed to cause bodily harm are prohibited in all drug detox centers. Besides, anything that’s not explicitly designed as a weapon, but can potentially be used as one may be disallowed as well. This includes some razor types, pen knives, multi-tools, box cutters and any other item or tool that the facility thinks it poses a threat to the patients.

Expired Meds

Expired drugs, meds that aren’t explicitly prescribed to the patient and numerous types of narcotics are usually not permitted while in a detoxification program. Medications that the patient requires will be adequately assessed by the medical professionals and granted or adjusted in the right setting.

Also, drugs that are not expired but haven’t been taken for a while might be refused until a medical evaluation is completed. So, if a patient is currently under any form of medication, it is essential to ensure that they make the counselors aware that they need functional medicine.

Pornographic Content

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Pornography has no place in detoxification or rehabilitation. The primary focus should be on abstinence and handling Acute Withdrawal Syndrome symptoms. Pornography can ideally be offensive to other patients and staff or even illegal in the locality that the facility is located.

Excessive Jewelry

Drug detox centers are no places to flaunt or show off expensive jewelry and clothes. Usually, it is alright to bring an engagement or wedding ring and religious pendants or charms. However, almost any other type of jewelry should be left at home. There are some cases where jewelry items have gone missing from rehab centers and so, putting your valuables in a safe place while undergoing detox is the smartest and most reliable option.

Apparatus and Implements

Items that are commonly utilized in the process of drug abuse are obviously prohibited in detox facilities. This includes tinfoil, aluminum cans, toilet paper rolls, matches, lighters, needles, pipes and any other apparatus used to take drugs or alcohol.

Household Objects of Abuse

If there is a possibility to abuse it, then chance are it is not allowed at a detox center. This can include items that contain alcohol like mouthwash and other types of cleaners, or aerosol sprays, vanilla extract, ''legal'' herbs, white out, markers, computer duster, furniture polish and other household items that people have been known to abuse.

If you need any of these things while in rehab, you should consider working with the assigned facility to get and utilize them in a monitored setting. However, you should avoid bringing these items when checking in to detox.

Phones, Computers and Video Games

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While some facilities allow patients to use their phones in a semi-supervised location at specific times, most centers don’t allow phones to be used. Mobile phones give easy access to the outside world to get alcohol or drugs, arrange transportation to quit treatment, etc. Computers are usually prohibited for similar reasons, although some centers make public computers with limitations available for the patients.

Also, mobile phone and computer games are deemed as a waste of time during a short detoxification program. Since most individuals detox successfully in less than 2 weeks, there is very little time to play video games, surf the net or chat. As such, these gadgets tend to be restricted to keep the patients as focused as possible during the program.

Alcohol and Drug Related Memorabilia and Clothing

Drug detox facilities aren’t in the business of promoting alcohol or drug use and so, they won’t allow the patients to do so. Shirts, jackets, hats and other forms of clothing that advertise alcohol or drug consumption or actively/passively glorify consumption is prohibited. Also, pictures, images, and posters celebrating or depicting drug use aren’t allowed.

For the same reason, most detoxification and other forms of treatment facilities don’t allow their residents or patients to actively or passively glorify substance use.

Drugs and Alcohol

Above everything else in this list, no types of drugs or alcohol are allowed in any detox facility. More often than not, violation of this rule results in instant dismissal of the patient and termination of the program.

The Consequences of Bringing Banned Items

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Each case is different, but the repercussions of bringing any of the items mentioned in this post into a drug or alcohol detox center could be severe. This can include the immediate termination of the program and related benefits. It can also include civil and criminal prosecution, which is the last thing you want. So, if you or a loved one is scheduled to undergo a detox program, ensure you find out what objects are prohibited before you check in.

It is essential to adhere to the rules of the facility for the best results. After all, it is for the best.