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"Relapse” a word that destroys the entire time and effort put in by the addict and the therapist for achieving sobriety. But the question is: why do patients relapse after undergoing intense therapies and care? Relapse is a major threat for people who are still trying to avoid drugs and alcohol. Often addicts with mental health disorders find it difficult to attain long-lasting recovery because of the mental issues they are facing.

To treat these interconnected conditions, it is best to turn to a dual diagnosis treatment facility in San Diego. Psyclarity Health San Diego offers San Diego dual-diagnosis therapy giving you more control over your life.

Connection Between Substance Abuse And Mental Health

About 7.9 million people in America suffer from co-occurring disorders. Meaning more and more people are developing mental health disorders such as depression, bipolar disorder, and anxiety alongside substance abuse problems. Treating a mentally disturbed person who is also addicted to drugs and alcohol is far from easy because the two conditions often mask each other, and the severity in one condition worsens the other, making the treatment even more difficult.

To treat both problems allowing you to remain physically fit and mentally healthy, you need to see dual diagnosis counselors in San Diego California. And we have the best counselors giving a comprehensive dual-diagnosis to address all your mental and addiction issues.

How To Identify A Co-occuring Disorder?

With so many similarities between the two conditions, an addict may receive treatment for substance abuse ignoring the mental depression that he/she is facing, which leads to a person relapsing. Since it is difficult to comprehend whether a person is suffering from a co-occurring disorder, look out for the following symptoms:

  • Disturbed sleep cycle.
  • Unusual eating patterns.
  • Cognitive disability including the inability to focus or think clearly.
  • Become delusional, increase hallucinations and become paranoid.
  • Suicidal thoughts.
  • Changes in behavior and personality.

Integrated Treatment Approach For Co-occurring Disorders:

To ensure you receive the best treatment and avoid relapse soon after completing the treatment for substance abuse, we offer the best residential dual diagnosis treatment in San Diego. We believe that combining the psychiatric and addiction treatment techniques yields positive results and reduces the chances of relapse.

Being a leading dual diagnosis center in San Diego, CA, our dual diagnosis includes withdrawal therapy, individual and group therapies, behavioral therapy, changes in lifestyle, meditation, and yoga. We also offer aftercare ensuring that you start enjoying the positive aspect of your life.

Does Combined Treatment Help Avoid Relapse?

Why do addicts relapse? Because they are mentally anxious and their disturbed mental state triggers their desire to use drugs or alcohol for feeling better. With the withdrawal pain still fresh and the mind sending you negative vibes, a person quickly becomes influenced to rely on addiction as relief. Inpatient dual diagnosis treatment brings out the underlying problem associated with mental health, and by doing so, the treatment saves a person from relapsing.

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dual diagnosis treatment san Diego
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dual diagnosis treatment san Diego
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