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TruVida Recovery is a safe drug and alcohol addiction treatment option for you because our drug rehab mission in Viejo is to provide the maximum level of individual care in a safe and healthy environment. You can come to us for complete recovery from substance abuse addiction and transform your life into a productive one.

How long will I stay in a drug rehab program?

The length of your rehab stay depends on the severity of your drug addiction, but the longer you stay at a detox facility, the better you become at being sober. The usual starting period is 28 days, and it can go up to 90 days or higher.

The one-month period only helps you with fighting off addiction and recover from withdrawal. There’s a long way to go after that, so we recommend you stay longer with us to become healthier and strong enough to fight off your addiction.

Drug rehab treatment approach

We have following approaches for drug rehab treatments

  • Behavioral Therapy ­– Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is very effective in drug rehabilitation, and we use it at our facility along with motivational interviewing, family therapy, and eye movement desensitization and reprocessing.
  • Counseling – individual and group therapy both are very beneficial in addiction treatment, so we have licensed psychiatrists to conduct these therapy sessions. We teach self-esteem, trauma and survival, motivational coaching, and managing cravings.
  • Medical monitoring and treatment – we have prescribed medication and treatment to improve our drug rehab mission in Viejo. We have doctors in our team of professionals who prescribe medications according to your medical needs.
  • Social and spiritual support – you can’t heal properly without a strong support system, and most recovering addicts relapse due to the lack of support. All our patients can access the 12 step groups and Smart Recovery to find social support within our community.
  • Individual care – we have personalized care for all our patients, which means the patient-staff ratio is 1:1. We're aware that every patient comes with a different condition, so we have customizable treatment options for everyone.

Benefits of drug rehab programs

It’s a safe and supportive community when you are at a treatment facility trying to get yourself free from drug addiction. You are surrounded by a healthcare professional and people in similar condition as yourself to support you during your fight against substance abuse.

With the inpatient and outpatient recovery programs available, you can stay with us and have a spacious room and a peaceful environment while recovering. Our indoors and outdoors are fit for a recovering addict because of the serene environment.

Professional substance abuse treatment mission

The most important thing for us is to have an expert and empathizing staff to treat you; otherwise, it’s pointless to provide rehab services. We take pride in our licensed and trained medical staff who treat every single guest with the best medical care.

At TruVida Recovery, we consider you a part of our family and provide the best drug treatment care for your recovery with our drug rehab mission in Viejo. We provide an initial assessment before suggesting a treatment for you, so join us in our mission and live a healthy life.

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