Drug Rehab Draper Utah

Once someone decides they need drug rehab in Draper, Utah, it is normal to have questions. Whether you have been addicted to drugs for a long time or recently developed your dependency, entering into rehab can cause anxiety when not knowing what to expect.

What You Might Expect with Drug Rehab

The process might be different from one drug rehab to another, but many facilities will use similar evidence-based practices. You may also find that customized treatment plans will be different from one participant to the next.

  • Physical Assessment – When starting a drug rehab in Draper, Utah, you will get evaluated to assess the addition and then develop a detoxification plan. The plan is based on the drugs used, so you have to be honest about everything you have recently taken.
  • Psychological Assessment – Someone specializing in addiction will assess for issues like bipolar, depression, anxiety, and any other psychological or emotional concerns.
  • Detoxification – The detox process is often what people will fear the most because of the body's discomfort. The good news is that the best rehab facilities are experienced in detoxification that keeps the participant as comfortable as possible. Medications often get prescribed to help with withdrawals, such as valium or suboxone.
  • Therapy – Evidence shows that therapy with peers is extremely effective for drug addicts to go through. While individual therapy is also critical, evidence shows that group peer therapy edges out one-on-one treatment. It is important to connect with other addicts going through similar compulsions and impulses so that you can form bonds and share stories.
  • Physical Fitness – Many drug rehabs know that it is important to address physical addiction but also the overall health of the participant – body, mind, and soul. For the healing process to go smoothly, physical exercise must be part of the plan.
  • Nutritional Counseling – No matter the person, diet greatly impacts how you feel as you go through recovery. Many processed carbs can make the body feel sluggish, while excess sugars can bring mood swings.
  • Aftercare Planning – What will you be doing once you are discharged and no longer under the safe umbrella of rehabilitation? It is important to have an aftercare plan so that you know how to proceed while avoiding triggers. The plan must have strategies and details on contacting support if you need it after returning home.
  • Discharge – Once rehab is complete and you have been free of substances for a period of time, often 30 to 90 days, you will then be discharged. For many people, discharge day is exciting but horrifying as they worry about whether or not they can proceed. Following along with the advice of your rehab team and the aftercare plan will set you up for the best chance at enjoying long-term sobriety.

Annie’s House wants you to know that you have support when you need drug rehab in Draper, Utah. We would love to talk with you about the services and treatment options that we have to offer. We also have a 24-hour hotline where you can reach a member of our team by dialing (385) 324-3905.

Drug Rehab Draper Utah
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