The process of detoxing from alcohol and drugs can be a dangerous one. Because of this, you must seek help from a qualified detox in NH to get the safest, most effective results. When you go through the detox process with a trusted Nashua drug rehab facility, you will be able to cut back on the withdrawal symptoms and enhance safety overall. 

What is Drug and Alcohol Detoxification? 

Often referred to as detox, the process of detoxification is where the human body rids itself of all drugs and other substances within. The purpose of going through drug and alcohol rehab and detox is to help facilitate the safe management of withdrawal symptoms as the patient quits drugs or alcohol. Each patient will have a different experience while going through detox. The kinds of drugs or the amount of alcohol used over a period of time will greatly impact the results of their stay at a facility for alcohol and drug rehab in Nashua. 

Note: Some medications are used while in rehab that help keep the addict comfortable as the drugs or alcohol begin leaving the body. 

In some instances, it may only take days to go through the withdrawal, but other patients may need to go through months of detox in NH to come out on the other side free of addiction. The length of time needed will rely on many factors, including: 

  • The duration of the addiction
  • The kinds of substances the addict used
  • Addiction severity
  • How much of a substance the user has been taking at once
  • Genetic makeup and family history
  • Current medical conditions
  • Any underlying mental health concerns

No matter what, you need to work with the best drug treatment centers in Nashua to have the level of care that matches your current situation. Each addict is unique in their circumstances, so our team here at Live Free Recovery Services takes the time to know what suits you best. 

When you seek help from nearby alcohol rehabs in Nashua, you will have an intake process that will better determine your needs. Detoxification usually goes through a series of steps, including: 

  • Evaluation – incoming patients get screened for mental health and physical issues. There may even be blood tests to help determine the level of drugs in the system.
  • Stabilization – the best drug treatment centers in Nashua will stabilize the patient for detox. In many cases, addiction treatment medications get prescribed to reduce withdrawals and complications.
  • Treatment Entry – this final step of detoxification prepares the participant for treatment. The patient is familiarized with treatment, what to expect, and knowledge for the best possible outcome. 

Here at Live Free Recovery Services would like to talk with you about your options for detox in NH. If you are struggling with addiction and you need guidance for a path to sobriety, we can get you in for a consultation and evaluation as soon as possible. Contact Live Free Recovery Services to begin your journey into addiction recovery and find your purpose in life. Call us at (877) 932-6757.

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