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Valiant Living is a premier Colorado drug rehab facility. This blog is intended to help you accept your addiction problem and get help. Many people have struggled with addiction and it is not something to be embarrassed about. Once you accept your problem, it gets easier from there and you can begin to get your life back when you seek help.

Celebrities Have Faced Addiction

It is incredibly courageous for anyone struggling with an addiction to be open and honest about it, but sometimes we may think that it's impossible to ever reach a point of acceptance. At Valiant Living's Colorado drug rehab facility, we know that finding help is a sign of strength. We believe that seeing familiar celebrities that are not ashamed or embarrassed by their addictions and how they have managed them can be very inspiring.

These celebrities' journeys demonstrate that you don't need to overcome addiction alone and that whatever path you take to recovery is entirely up to you. Becoming familiar with the stories of others in the same position as you can help give you the confidence to eventually come out with your own battle. It can also encourage us to build a strong support system with our friends, family, and professionals in order to provide motivation on sticking with our own personal journey.

Demi Lovato

As a 17-year-old television actress, she recalls first using cocaine. Her singing career only exacerbated her issues with addictive substances and alcohol as the years went by. In 2010, she bravely sought professional help for addiction alongside mental health issues such as bipolar disorder and eating disorders. She has fearlessly spoken about her ongoing recovery in interviews, on social media platforms like Twitter & Instagram, but most notably through her music which many find inspiring.

Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck, an acclaimed actor, and director who won Academy Awards for his work on Good Will Hunting and Argo, as well as starring in the DC Comics franchise as Batman, has publicly shared his struggles with alcohol. He first attended a rehab center back in 2001 to address his addiction problem. In 2018 he took another step forward when he entered treatment again - this time expressing that seeking help is not reflective of any kind of weakness or failure but instead takes courage. On social media following the completion of the program, he said "If you have a problem getting help is sign of strength."

Bradley Cooper

On his path to success, the actor faced numerous struggles while being nominated for multiple Academy Awards. Drug and alcohol addiction threatened to consume his life until he decided enough was enough in 2004 at age 29. Now a few years later, he has become one of Hollywood's leading stars that always delivers box office hits.

Matthew Perry

As one of the most beloved television and movie stars in America from 1994 to 2004, he hid a difficult battle with alcoholism and prescription drug abuse. After an injury sustained while operating a personal watercraft required him to take painkillers, his addiction spiraled out of control. However, thanks to seeking treatment for this affliction and placing emphasis on supporting others facing similar struggles as part of his own recovery process, this actor has been able to overcome these challenges.

Keith Urban

As his musical career remained stagnant in the '90s, the country singer developed a reliance on drugs and alcohol. Fortunately, he achieved his first major success topping the Billboard chart by 2006 - simultaneous to marrying actress Nicole Kidman who then encouraged him into successful treatment for addiction recovery. He was later awarded several Grammys and even recognized as the Country Music Association's Entertainer of The Year 2005.

Jaime Lee Curtis

The acclaimed actress and author's most noteworthy achievement is her recovery from addiction to alcohol and drugs. After being prescribed narcotics for a medical procedure, Curtis fell into a dependence which she eventually overcame with the assistance of an intervention program as well as fellow members in similar predicaments. Today, Curtis continues to be vocal about drug misuse awareness and policy reformations concerning opiates.

Elton John

The AIDS pandemic was a catalyst for Elton John to confront his addiction issues. After the passing of his friend, Ryan White - an AIDS activist - in 1990, he felt tremendous remorse over the major part he had spent deeply immersed and dependent on alcohol and cocaine. In response to this sorrowful realization, he underwent treatment in 1990 before establishing the Elton John AIDs Foundation two years later.

Accepting that You Have a Problem is Brave

Admitting and accepting that you have a problem is often the most challenging first step to overcoming an addiction. It takes courage and strength to come to terms with the need to make a change, but it's vital in order to take control of your life. While this step requires vulnerability and trust, it can be incredibly rewarding as it sets the foundation for starting down a positive path of committed recovery. Although it is hard, taking this brave first step is empowering and provides hope for those looking for help on their journey.

Consider seeking help from Valiant Living Detox and Assessment. We are here to help you come to terms with your addiction and get you back on the right path. Many addiction problems are linked to poor mental health. We get to the root of your problem with experienced professionals who know how to treat your mental health and co-occurring disorders. Our Colorado drug rehab center is welcoming and comfortable because we believe in our patients and know that everyone who walks through our doors is capable of great things. Like Ben Affleck said, "If you have a problem getting help is sign of strength."

Don't be afraid to call us today at 720-796-6885 or visit our website. We are excited for you to start your journey to recovery.

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