One in seven women has to deal with pain in their pelvic area at least once in their life. It is frustrating to have to visit the physician every time and not be able to function well for work, social errands, and other demands of life. We primarily focus on providing you with solutions that will cost you less and still be able to add some balance to your mind and life.

Using Holistic Therapy To Treat Chronic Pelvic Pain

There are two primary ways of treating pelvic pain, which is traditional and alternative pelvic pain treatment. It is possible to get both of these treatments simultaneously. Still, you want alternative solutions that could reduce the risk of complications and cut down on the overall cost of the effort it will take to come to full recovery.

Conventional Treatments Of Pelvic Girdle Pain In Pregnant Women

  1. Pain relief medication - Pain relievers like aspirin will offer you short-term relief to solve chronic pain so you can function better and pursue more permanent treatment.
  2. Hormonal replacement - Some women suffer chronic pain because of substantial hormonal changes that affect their nervous system. You want a hormonal treatment method that will offer relief by rebalancing the hormones and stabilizing the body's normal function.
  3. Antibiotics - Infections can cause a lot of pain to your pelvic, and you need a doctor to help you with antibiotics that will remove some of this pain as you figure out other treatment options.

Natural Treatment Solutions For Chronic Pelvic Pain

Chiropractic Care

Simple chiropractic adjustments will heal the dull pain in your pelvic area by switching the bones and sockets back into their natural positions. Professional care will involve diagnosing you with a scan and establishing exercises like Kegels, pelvic tilt, and treatments with stability balls to resume regular functional movements.

Physical Therapy For Chronic Pelvic Pain Treatment

These alternative treatments for chronic pelvic pain relieve muscle pain and ease the tissues to control all the systems connected to the pelvic floor. Some factors that will be supported with these muscles and tissues include obesity, childbirth, weight lifting, and pregnancy. Some therapy options include:

  • Biofeedback - The training helps with controlling physiological processes like anxiety, IBS, and tension
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy - CBT gives patients much control over their pelvic area to have better control over sexual functions and organs connected to the reproductive system.
  • Yoga is a form of therapy because it improves the overall quality of your life by adjusting the spinal cord, nerves, and muscles. Yoga poses help with pelvic pain and lessens the intensity of cramps, pain, and menstrual cycle complications.

Dietary Adjustments Used Treatment For Chronic Pelvic Pain

Pelvic pain due to dietary imbalances occurs due to inflammation caused by inflammatory foods. Research shows that people who get pelvic pain from inflammation will find fast relief when they change their diet and add anti-inflammatory foods like coconut oil, organic proteins, broccoli, and nuts.

We have a couple of natural complementary and alternative treatments for mild to low pelvic pain and will advise you on complementary and alternative treatments to heal chronic issues. Contact us to get started.

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